A novel across the world, from the eyes of Mother, Father, and Son

Girar: The Spanish word, ‘To Turn.’ My life in many ways has been an amble. There are thousands upon thousands of cultures on our Earth, and I’ve embarked on being a part of them. I’ve observed not as much of them as I would like, but I’ve seen hundreds of places, and have lived through dozens of cultures, too. I feel like there’s space for me, just a little bit, in each and every one of them.

Two parents, growing old without their son. I’ve been away from home far too long to see it on my end, but I have the ability to imagine like any one else. In that regard, those two are more a part of me than any culture I will know.

In 365 stories, from 2021 to 2030, Girar will visit various corners of the world, from the perspectives of Mother, Father, and their various other friends, relatives, and families, imagining their unique concerns in a range of cultural mindsets across the planet. Book One will be released in a subscription format on a streaming platform I am designing. The first novel in the series will be released between April 13th and May 11th.

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